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[doppioslash: The problem I see with how we think about narrative generators is that we look at the problem mainly from the computational side.
We disregard the fact that narratives are overwhelmingly a product of the writing process.
Therefore, we should look into how writers write, and strive to reproduce it somehow computationally.]
Doktor Towerstein I agree with that. I think there should be a lot of resources for scriptwriters, including tvtropes.org  , although the site is more about categories than "narrative building blocks".
[doppioslash: yes, there are many books for scriptwriters (some of which I have read) that deal with setting up arcs, and requisites for characters motivations. 
e.g. "a character should have something he/she wants, to set the narrative in motion" is  a basic one.
We should be able to have "character development arcs", where the mind model of the characters actually change/evolve. Maybe Dynamic Epistemic Logic could be used for that?]
The trickiest part is, in my opinion, "a character should have something s/he wants". One might describe this as CTL* logic  "IN_EVERY_BRANCH_IN_THE_FUTURE((has Character Object) ^ (wants Character Object))" (which will happen at some point in time, maybe at different times in different branches). But do we define "want" as a primitive, or as some sort of derived concept? I guess that "wanting something" is equivalent to "always planning actions so that the foreseeable result is having something", and "planning" is equivalent to "guiding an action to a certain outcome". I think that the DEL extension for planning includes some kind of logic of actions as well as the epistemic modality, so you can express sentences about actions (in a turn-game-like fashion). But I don't know if anyone merges DEL with CTL* to provide a richer temporal expression.

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